Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Deep Tine Aerating Greens

Monday, September 16 we will be Deep Tine aerating our greens
Deep Tine Aerators penetrate deep into the soil to maximize water percolation, stimulate root growth, and improve air flow to the root system.

Please excuse the short term disruption to normal playability.
This is a much needed procedure with many needed benefits.

Thank You

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Keeping up with The changing conditions

This year has been a year of ever changing conditions.  There has been a big variety of weather extremes, at times we are just hanging on to keep up.  The last few weeks everything has seemed to settle some, it definitely shows in the course condition / playability.

As shown in the pictures above there has been a good run of great playability the last few weeks.

As September approaches we will start looking into our compaction relief program.  Through the Fall we will be reliving compaction of all greens, tees, fairways and some of the high traffic rough areas.  Most of the practices we use cause very little disruption to you as the golfer.  I am not sure of the exact timing of these events, we will make every effort to keep the disruption to a minimum.  If you have any questions regarding the compaction relief efforts please feel free to contact me.



Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tee Surfaces

Have you noticed the yellow spots on the tees?

It is a result of a herbicide we sprayed to help eliminate the bent grass contamination on the tee surfaces. It also controls crab grass and some broadleaf weeds. It may take 2-3 applications to totally eliminate the bent grass contamination. We will then start the process of seeding a new stand of blue/rye grass. Yes they may look a little funky at times, during this process, but should not effect playability. 

It’s never a good time to control. Heading into fall will give us the best chance to establish our new seed. 

As shown in the picture the yellowing areas are bent grass and crab grass. 

While out mowing on Sunday morning I hit something in the collar on #18. Yes it was a quarter!  This time I was lucky and did no damage to the mower, other times we have damaged the mower and had to grind the reel and bed knive. As shown below the quarter did not fair so well. 

Please pick up your ball marks. 

We will see you on the course. 


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Range Bunkers Complete

This morning we finished the "visual" bunkers on the driving range.  It always rewarding to complete a project and see the final result.  Below are a couple of pictures of the process.  The final result will be very maintenance friendly, still providing the visual of a bunker. 

Cutting out the sod to a depth of 3"

On this particular bunker we had to cut out a mound to give us the proper look we desired.

It's that time of year we start to lose some of our seasonal staff members.  This year I had a great seasonal team.  There were many days where the working conditions were less than ideal.  This place is nothing without the dedication of all of the employees.  If you get a chance make sure to thank them.  Below is a picture of most of the maintenance staff 2019.  THANK YOU!!

Enjoy your course!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Rain Rain and More Rain

Rain seems like it just won't stop this year.  I don't remember the last time I ran a full cycle on the irrigation system.  It is starting to get to a point where we have mushy wet areas,  I sure hope we dry out soon.  As much as possible keep your carts out of the wet areas, we try to keep them marked and on occasion we miss one.  Thank You 

With all the rain the golf course has been in great shape.  Most new seeded areas are filling in nicely.  Keeping up with the rapid growth rate has been challenging at times.  I think most of the maintenance staff are getting tired of wearing rain gear on a daily basis.

The minimum maintenance areas on the course are on their second year.  The first year we received very little rain, the areas grew very little.  This year they have gone to the other extreme, lots of growth and filled in.  We are monitoring the areas and may have to make some fine tuning to them.  If you have nay suggestions please let me know.  Your input is appreciated.

One project still in the works is installing the sand looking agri material on the driving range, we have the material on site.  This will give the visual look of a bunker and be very maintenance friendly.  If all goes well we start on this project in the next week or so.  

Below are few pictures of the Course.  Enjoy

The course is great come out and enjoy!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Summer Is Here

First Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!!!

Summer has finally arrived, Mother Nature has also provided a few timely rains.  The Golf Course is in great shape right now.  I hope you find time to come out and enjoy. 

We are now fully staffed for the summer, last one showed up last week.  With a full staff we should be able to keep up with the ever changing conditions of our weather.  Speaking of Staff have you seen the new Maintenance Staff Shirts?  The blue polo shirts help our M-crew look and feel like a team. Take time to check them out.  Even with the full staff we will occasionally miss some items that need attention, if you see anything please feel free to contact me.  Thank You

Last week we took down the last of our docks.  Seems the water levels are receding and we should be in good shape.  It's always a good feeling putting them back in the cart shed!  Shown Below is Mikayla and Maddie removing the decking.

A little foggy this Father's Day morning.  I am sure it will be a great day once the fog lifts.



Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rain / Native Areas

        The course is wet and soggy.  Over the past weekend we received 1.65" of rain, now the last two days we have another .88"  That's a total of just of 2.5" for the last 5 days.  Yes we will dry out quickly but really need some warm and drying weather to show up soon.  

Over the last two years we have been instituting some “no mow or minimum maintenance areas”.  Most of these areas are out of play. By not mowing we will help eliminate some costly maintenance and allow the staff to focus on other items that really need attention.  In some areas this will provide a nice seperation between holes.  We are not sure if we will just let the areas go or mow at a higher height of cut.  With all the moisture we have received this spring these areas are growing.  Please keep all cart traffic out of all tall grass areas, most of the areas are marked with pink flags or red penalty stakes.  As shown belown the cart tracks looks terrible!  Contact me if you have questions about our minimum maintenance areas.

We will see you on the course!