Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rain / Native Areas

        The course is wet and soggy.  Over the past weekend we received 1.65" of rain, now the last two days we have another .88"  That's a total of just of 2.5" for the last 5 days.  Yes we will dry out quickly but really need some warm and drying weather to show up soon.  

Over the last two years we have been instituting some “no mow or minimum maintenance areas”.  Most of these areas are out of play. By not mowing we will help eliminate some costly maintenance and allow the staff to focus on other items that really need attention.  In some areas this will provide a nice seperation between holes.  We are not sure if we will just let the areas go or mow at a higher height of cut.  With all the moisture we have received this spring these areas are growing.  Please keep all cart traffic out of all tall grass areas, most of the areas are marked with pink flags or red penalty stakes.  As shown belown the cart tracks looks terrible!  Contact me if you have questions about our minimum maintenance areas.

We will see you on the course!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mid May Course Update

Just when we thought it would warm up and dry out, it stays cold and wet.  I sure hope this pattern changes soon.  I hope you have taken advantage of the few nice days we have seen this spring. 

The golf course is looking good.  The greens do have a golden/brownish look right now.  That is a combination of few things.  First is we applied a growth enhancer to the greens, this slows the upward growth and encourages root growth.  Second is the cold weather is causing the plants to not uptake the nutrients like normal. And finally is we a bit of anthracnose happening.  This is a fungi that loves the cold wet weather.  So we need this weather to warm up and get some good growing weather.  As recommended we are treating with liquid nitrogen forms and fungicides on a 7-10 day pattern.  This should help us get through the stress period until it warms up.  This does not effect play, just don't have the lush green color.  This is what most of the greens look like as shown below, this is #13 green.   

The old bunker on #17 and the driving range bunkers were all seeded 2 weeks ago.  Seed is just now starting to germinate.  When we seeded these areas we used a combination of blue/ rye/ fescue grasses.  What you see germinating right now is the rye grass, soon the fescue will germinate with the blue grass coming up last.  Please stay off all new seeded areas until the grass is well established. 

Recently we installed 150 markers on all the cart paths on the par 3 holes, shown below.  This will give you a quick reference for approximate yardages.  Let me know what you think. 

We will see you on the course!!


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Maybe spring will show up soon?

It's now May, we had a few good days of golf.  Now hoping the weather will straighten out and there will be many good days to play golf!

The golf course is actually in great shape.  We have very few winter kill areas to seed.  This is a good feeling after the severe winter.  The creek levels have also gone down, as of this morning there are only two crossings with water over them.  The light rain should not effect us much and I anticipate the levels to continue to drop.  With the warmer weather I expect the grass will start growing more consistently,  we will be out keep your course fine tuned for a great golfing experience.  If you would happen to see anything that is in need of attention please let me know,  there are many acres of  turf and we on occasion can miss items.

Over the next week we hope to be seeding the area behind 17 green, and the former bunkers on the driving range.  Once the seed is established, on the old range bunkers, we will be adding a agri material.  This will give us a visual of having a bunker there with the ability to pick up the range balls in a timely manner.

A beautiful sunset over the dike system on #17.

Hope to see you on the course!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Melt is Here

Our Spring melt has started, it has been at a slow pace but progress is made everyday.

Wednesday we went out and checked the greens on the golf course.  What we found is some greens that the snow is mostly gone, others are still snow covered.  So we started clearing some drainage trails on the  snow covered greens.  This will acomplish two things.  First it will help remove excess surface water as the snow is melting.  Second it will also aid and speed up the melting process, this is done by exposing the grounds surface.  We may go back and cut more cahnnels as we see fit. 

As you cand see the drainage ways will melt off rather quickly.  The bottom photo is #11 green, the grass is mostly exposed and looks great. 

For now we will continue to monitor the course and take any necessary actions. 

And yes we will OPEN when new hole locations can be cut.  Soon??


Monday, March 11, 2019

Snow - When will Spring show up

Here we are in the Middle of March.  Yes Mother Nature has not been very kind to us.  This Is South Dakota the days are getting longer and things can change quickly.  I guess the main thing is we are waiting to see what the Spring brings, and being prepared for anything.  I am hoping that golf season will happen sooner than later.   

Last week Kenny, Matt and myself attended the SD Golf Course Superintendent's Association Conference and show in Sioux Falls. There were over 150 total attendees there.  It was a great three days with the main focus is on education, trade show and net working. At the show Kenny received Equipment Technician of the Year, a well deserved award for the many years in the Golf industry and job he preforms. 

Before you know it we will be out on the course again, in the meantime come out and enjoy some Sim golf. 

Think Spring!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Ready for spring!!

Yes the last four weeks have been rather brutal.  Snow, wind and colder than normal temperatures have us hoping for a early spring.  The Golf Course's snow removal equipment is getting a good workout this winter season.  The golf course turf remains in great shape, there has been a good snow cover with little or no ice forming under all the snow. 

With the weather as such, we have been busy getting ready for the golf season in the maintenance facility.  One of our many tasks this year is replacing some hydraulic seals on our aging mower fleet.  The mower shown below is our verti cut unit, this model is 13 years old.  We have seen a few issues with this style of power unit start to drip hydraulic fluid out of a valve bank under the main console.  As you can see below replacing the seals in the middle of the all those pipes and fittings is not such a fun project, just ask Matt and Kenny!  On this particular unit we had to replace only 8 seals, one other just like it we replaced 12.  It definitely takes time and patience get the seals out and the new ones installed.  We will test the machine upon reassembly, the true test always is once the machine is out and running under full load for 2-3 hours. 

If you ever want to see what is happening at the Maintenance Facility please stop by, the coffee is always on. 

Think Spring!


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wecome to 2019

2019 is actually starting off with some snow cover, not everything is covered but will take what we have for now.  Through all this the temperatures have remained normal like, that is good with me.  Below is a typical picture of a tee area, the exposed  and covered turf all look to be in great shape.  This is common with all turf areas right now.  What will the rest of the winter bring? 

With the recent blizzards it has made it difficult to get on the course, there are many drifted in areas.  With that most days are now spent working in the shop, preparing equipment and accessories for the new season.  There are countless hours getting  the equipment sharpened and serviced ready for another season of golf. 

Next week Matt, Kenny and myself will be attending the Northern Green Expo in Minneapolis.  This event is held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  It is a joint meeting of Golf Courses, Landscapers and Nurseries.  There is three days of education, trade show and networking.  There will many great education and equipment learning opportunities. 

 Have you tried out the New Simulators and Pub Grub??

Come out and enjoy.