Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bunker Project / Temporary Hole Locations

Due to the cold weather, frost setting in the ground, we have closed the greens and moved to the temporary hole locations.  If the weather warms and you feel the urge to come out and play please use the "temps".  Also at this time there is no cart usage allowed on the course, driving on the frozen turf will damage the plant and may even kill it.  So if you come out enjoy the walk.  Thank You, if you have any questions please contact me. 

Even with the cold weather we started the work on removing the back right bunker on #17 green.  There were several issues with that bunker, and felt it was time to remove it.  We removed a major portion of the dirt and have the area roughed in, as shown below in the before and after pictures.  We will finish grade and seed in the spring.  Now we have a big pile of the excess dirt to deal with.  The plan is to use the dirt for several other little projects as Mother Nature allows.  This may include redoing the bunkers on the driving range, making them more maintenance and ball picking friendly. 

The Maintenance Staff would like to Thank all Our Members for another great season.  We appreciate your support, and are looking forward to 2019!!  If you have any great ideas or suggestions on how to improve your golf experience please let use know. 

Thank you


Monday, October 29, 2018

Is The End Near???

This week is rather busy for the Maintenance Staff.  We will be in the process of putting the finishing touches preparing the Golf Course for the winter season.  Below is a list of some of the main items we address before winter, there are many other little items not listed.

On the schedule for today:
- Spray our greens with a mixture of fungicides and anti transparent, this will help protect the putting surfaces from snow mold.
- Winterize the two restrooms on the course.
- Top dress tees and collars with sand.
- Continue to chop and blow leaves.
- Cut temporary green holes
- Remove fountain from irrigation pond

-Winterize irrigation system, typically takes about 12 hours.
-Continue to top dress tee areas

-Winterize well systems.
-May start bringing accessories in, depends on forecast.

-Winterize Driving Range Building
- Apply a heavy coat of sand on the greens, this protects the crown of the turf grass plant.

We will keep the greens open as long as the weather permits, at some point we will switch over to temporary hole locations on the front nine.   There will be more information to follow.  For now come out and enjoy your golf course.

Below is a picture of a Demo rough mower we purchased.  Fall is a great time to get a good machine with some very low hours on, and also a very good price.  If you ever want to check out some of the equipment we use on the course feel free to stop down to the shop.  If the weather allows you may even take it out for a drive.

We will see you on the course.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Compaction Relief

Last week was a complete wash, this week we were back on schedule to complete our compaction relief.  Greens and fairways were on schedule for this week.

On the greens we went with a 3/4" solid tine.  This provided an adequate hole to get sand into the soil's profile.  The process went like this; top dress heavy with sand, aerate, drag in the sand and finally roll the green's surface.   All this to keep the green's surface as playable as possible. 

The fairways we used our new Terra Slicer, as shown below.  It has many slicing blades going to depths of up to 8".  We currently have it set to depth of 6", this provide good compaction relief while not totally tearing up the playing surface.  With the good weathe we will be done with all fairways areas by Friday. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact me. 

We will see you on the course.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Our first snow of the year has arrived.  It also has basically rained on and off all week.  After the long dry spell I was wondering if we would ever get adequate moisture this year.  The snow should not hurt anything, just delay any course maintenance and golfing this week.  Fun Times!

It was originally planned to start compaction relief in the fairways and roughs this week, now we will start when Mother Nature allows.  Next Week?  The plan was also to start greens aerification, now we are looking at next week.  Please be patient as these are much needed maintenance items. Once the normal weather returns we will finish in a timely manner 

I am hoping the snow will melt off soon,  the Golf Course will then be open for some great fall golf!!

We will see you on the course.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018


This weekend we have the possibility for our first FROST of the year.  This is  a friendly reminder to Please stay off all turf areas when there is FROST present.  If you walk or drive on frosted grass you will damage, or even possibly kill the turf plant.  The plant could take from days to months to recover.  Check out the following link to the USGA website. 

The Golf Course is in great shape, come out for some beautiful falls colors and great golf!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.
We will see you on the course.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Compaction Relief

It is the middle of September already.  Fall golf is in full swing.  It is also the time of year to start our compaction relief on the Golf Course.  This week we started on the tee surfaces.  We are using a new machine we purchased earlier this year, it is called the Terra Slit.  The machine basically makes a slit in the ground to depths of 8", our older machines on were only capable of depths up to 4".  After the compaction relief we have now mowed to minimize the disruption of playability.

Next week we plan on solid tining our collars and aprons.  This will be done with our traditional style aeration machine.  Again providing compaction relief with a minimal disruption of playability.   Once that is complete we will move on to the fairways.  On the fairways we will be using the Terra Slit machine, trying to get the maximum depth in the compaction relief process.

And finally we will move on to the greens in early October.  This year we will do a 3/4" solid tine, this will provide a good opening to fill with sand.  We will top dress the green, with sand, and drag in filling the holes.  This will accomplish compaction relief and sand channels will allow the green surface to breath going into the fall and next growing season.

If you have nay questions on our compaction program please feel free to contact me.

Hope you make time to enjoy the beautiful fall!


Friday, August 24, 2018


Golf Carts are the #1 cause of compaction on the Golf Course.  Compaction causes weak, thin, unhealthy turf. 

#saveyourturf Follow the signs and use the cart path when going to and from the Club House.

Please use the blue highlighted paths going to and from the Club House or any other time on the course.

Any questions please feel free to contact me

The best part of the golf season is here. #playgolf